At Crystal Run Health, we are more than just a group. We are physicians, specialists, radiologists and surgeons sharing information and working closely together under one roof, practicing the science of medicine together– as a team. Above all, we provide our patients and community with comprehensive, coordinated care – a model we pioneered over 20 years ago. A model that has become the benchmark for transforming the health of those we serve.

The Faces Behind ‘We Are’


We are more than just doctors. We are diverse and unique individuals – from different backgrounds, with different talents and different stories. But together, we are Crystal Run.
Together, we are Crystal Run. Individually, we each have our own story.
Our life experiences may be different, but we all share one common goal – providing exceptional patient care.


We strive to be the best we can be – each and every day.
Despite our different backgrounds and unique traits, we all have one thing in common –the health of our patients.
Our individual strengths are together, what make us great.
We are individuals with various backgrounds and stories to tell. But as a group, we are a practice dedicated to transforming the health of those we serve.
Together, we are strength in numbers.
We reach great heights together, as a team.
Despite our different backgrounds, jobs, and traits, we’ve come together. And today, we work side-by-side to give you the best possible treatments, with the best possible outcomes.
We are all exceptional in our own distinct ways. But we are even more exceptional when working together.