From the very first day that Crystal Run Healthcare opened its doors to the community in 1996, we aspired to improve the quality and availability of healthcare services, as well as to greatly improve patient satisfaction with those services. More than 20 years later, those intentions remain along with the additional focus of improving health outcomes in our community. On January 1, 2016, we celebrated our 20th anniversary. With that also came the debut of our new brand – Crystal Run Health.

Crystal Run Health is best understood as the embodiment of a philosophy that health and medicine should be delivering an undeniably superior quality of life for our patients and our community by means other than performing more procedures, more tests, ordering more treatment, or more complex and costly services.

Like other local business owners, my fellow physician partners and I at Crystal Run are personally and professionally invested in the communities we serve. We have the same concerns about the economy and believe strongly that successful local businesses are vital to the betterment of our local community. For over 20 years, our physician-owners, through investments in innovation, cutting edge technology, world-class practice management, and premier quality health services have reinvested in our business to transform healthcare. With a better way of providing health services – from evidence-based healthcare approaches to more efficient processes, to state-of-the-art payment models for healthcare and health plans we have aligned and built our success, and continue to do so, on the best outcomes – for our patients, our employees, and our community.

Crystal Run Health’s coordinated approach to care ensures an integrated view of the whole patient, no matter what component of Crystal Run they may touch. Our business lines – Crystal Run Healthcare (the medical practice), Crystal Run Health Plans (our recently formed insurance company and HMO), Crystal Run Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Crystal Run Health Transformation (our newly launched healthcare transformation services organization) – will be utilized to strategically support and bolster the overarching message of Crystal Run Health. If Crystal Run Health is the embodiment of a philosophy, Crystal Run Healthcare is the means to achieve it; and while Crystal Run Health represents an ethos, Crystal Run Healthcare and all of our business lines exemplify this philosophy in action.

As an established, lasting, and rapidly growing health leader, we have engaged over 2,100 highly-skilled staff and demonstrated, since 1996, that quality healthcare can be found close to home. A pioneer in both healthcare and philanthropy, we are not only dedicated to transforming the health of the Hudson Valley, but we are also committed to improving the greater community good through consistent and generous charitable contributions. Through continued support of a vital and sustainable community, we have been a pillar within the Hudson Valley, keeping our patients, our employees, and our community healthy – a pledge that will be kept for the next 20 years and beyond.